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DragonSoul RPG is a brand new and intensely addictive game for the iPhone and iPad. I like the graphics and gameplay and I totally admire the humor of the game: it’s really one of the funnest game of the moment, and I'm sure that you are playing it like crazy. We certainly do and decided to possibly assist you to a bit in your quest to get more stuff and beat all stages with some DragonSoul cheats and tips.

There isn’t really that much to speak relating to strategy and mechanics – it’s all about being energetic and a bit lucky with regards to gathering your gadgets, but there are nonetheless issues you can do to improve your game – we’ll talk about them here in our DragonSoul suggestions and cheats article!

1. Use the special powers correctly
The only thing that you simply management directly in this game is the second when you use the heroes’ super powers in battle: and that does matter a lot. Usually, it’s best to go together with all of them ready to be used in the final stage of a battle, because that’s actually probably the most difficult one to beat.

In different words, don’t use your special abilities late within the second stage however do use any abilities that you have utterly powered-up in the early moments of the stage to get the additional advantage and you'll most likely have them all recharged and ready to be fired-up within the closing, most troublesome stage. The exception here is the healer whose particular therapeutic ability needs to be used as quickly as it's available.

2. Stage up your heroes
Your heroes automatically gain expertise when finishing a stage within the game, but you can even enhance them up a bit by spending your XP potions on them. Attempt to at all times preserve 5-6 of them on you for whenever you unlock new heroes (You may check out your progress on them in the heroes menu) however other than that, don’t hesitate to make use of any extra ones that it's a must to give your heroes a lift and make them stronger.

3. Focus on promoting your heroes
While you battle, you get various gear objects throughout the struggle and you should utilize those gadgets to equip your heroes or craft gadgets that may be equipped. Promoted heroes acquire an additional boost in stats they usually can equip new objects (then get promoted again). Deal with promoting your heroes one at a time, beginning with your prime ones. Nevertheless, any further tools that you have needs to be outfitted to different heroes to be able to get the boosts.

4. Don’t overlook in regards to the freebies
You get a free Silver Chest a couple of instances a day, each 10 minutes, a Gold Chest every 48 hours and so on – there are a ton of freebies scattered round in dragonsoul golds hack, make sure that you get them all in order to pace up your progress within the game.

5. Do the every day quests/missions
Each day, you're going to get new missions and quests to complete (and they'll embody more freebies too) so just remember to do all of them every day in order to max out your progress as well.

6. Replay particular missions to get the required gadgets
All items that you want in the game can be obtained by completing particular missions – you aren't guaranteed to get that individual loot, but in case you complete the mission time and again you will definitely get a lot. So tap any merchandise that you need to get and see the place you can find it – then merely replay the mission using raids if you have them or the Auto raid possibility if you have it unlocked (after getting three stars in a mission).

7. Don’t neglect in regards to the versus mode
You may and may play in opposition to other players within the Pit in an effort to get even more and greater rewards. Be lively enough and at all times select the simplest opponents to beat, primarily based on their energy and attempt to stay as a lot as possible up there at the high for some great rewards.

8. Evolve Your Heroes as soon as you will have the chance
Evolving heroes in DragonSoul is just not an easy job, however attempt to do it as quickly as doable, even if that features spending some cash on it. Advanced heroes get great bonuses and are really well worth the trouble. You need Soulstones in an effort to evolve heroes, and you will discover them in Silver or Gold chests or by finishing particular missions on Elite level.

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