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As pieces of digital equipment, digital cameras carry some inherent dangers if not used sony cameras or maintained properly. Damage to the electrical components or accessories with a digital digicam might lead to fire or to a malfunctioning or broken unit. Use these tips to properly keep, use, and protect your digital camera.

--Only use an AC adapter or battery charger that is designed specifically for your make and model of camera. Substituting electrical tools made for other models may void your warranty and cause harm to the unit.

--Only use rechargeable batteries which can be specifically really useful and accepted to your device. Utilizing an sick-fitting or overly powerful battery pack may cause damage to the circuit board.

--Make sure any cables you employ together with your unit -- AC adapters and USB cables especially -- are free from nicks and cuts. A broken cable may cause a fire.

--Don't attempt to repair the interior parts yourself. Simply opening the digicam case possible will void your warranty and could result in permanent damage to the camera.

--Remove the batteries if you will not be utilizing the camera for every week or more, particularly if the batteries are empty. Absolutely discharged batteries are more likely to leak acid, which might harm the camera.

--If the digicam does not cost properly or appears to "start and cease" when charging, consider sending in the digital camera in for repair. You may have a brief inside the camera, which might cause harm to the camera.

--Do not expose the gadget to extreme temperatures or water, except your particular mannequin of digicam is designed for harsh conditions. In addition, avoid exposing the digicam to sudden modifications in temperature.

--Avoid using the camera in high humidity conditions, which might cause condensation inside the camera body, leading to damage to circuitry or the LCD.

--Never take away the battery when the camera is in operation or is storing photos. Immediately eradicating the ability supply while the digital camera is working might cause injury to information or might damage the circuitry.

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