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Industry depends on precision engineering to make the machinery and design the equipment they use. Engineering firms provide many of the services that manufacturers need to produce their products. When there is a production problem, cnc engineers may be called upon to come up with a solution. British engineering companies provide precision manufacturing services for a large number of industries. Engineering companies with their own self-contained facilities with loading docks and plenty of parking give the best service to their customers.

Services Offered

These precision manufacturing companies employ precision engineers to design, perfect, and manufacture equipment for their many customers. They provide services including CNC turning and milling in many sizes, EDM wire eroding, gear cutting, splining, sub-assembly, grinding, and other services. They have a well-designed paint sprayers for sale and additional roller vane pumps for many uses.

Manufacturing Facility

The manufacturing facility contains 16,000 square feet which contain their office, manufacturing, workshop, storage, and finished stock areas. This large facility uses the latest equipment such as CNC lathes, Olivetti controlled Beaver Galaxy, and other heavy duty machines. It also contains machinery designed for quality control and inspection.

Manufacturing Products

A company with a self-contained manufacturing facility can give its customers shorter lead times and more competitive pricing. Their many machines allow them to do turning and milling in many different sizes. One product, the roller vane pump, or allman pump is very versatile and low cost to run. Though it can be used in many applications, it is most commonly used for agricultural spraying. It works by operating off of the power take off of a tractor connected by the special PT025 quick release coupler. The features that make this such a dependable, useful product are the self-lubricating, and Acetal resin coated rollers. These rollers can withstand herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, liquid fertilizers, and other chemicals. The solid cast iron construction adds strength and durability.

Quality Control

Engineering companies that have quality and inspection systems turn out better, more dependable products. It is important that precision engineering products meet the exact specifications customers require. This company employs a full-time inspector and a quality manager to run their quality control department. Equipment such as state of the art inspection tools calibrated regularly by an independent company are the heart of the quality system. Because of this effort, accuracy and working standards are well maintained. For more information on precision manufacturing and engineering, go to the website.

If you have any queries with regards to where by and how to use paint sprayers for sale, you can get hold of us at the page.

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