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Despite eye-catching ads and big promotions, New used cars springfield mo can lose value quickly because of depreciation. However, there are certain times when it makes sense to buy a new car rather than a used one. In the below situations, Buying A New Car in Springfield MO can be a wise decision for a budget-conscious driver.

The Newest Safety Technology

Computer processors are a part of the technological revolution, and automakers are using tech to increase safety. When a customer buys a new car, they can get safety features such as:

Stability control

Lane departure notification

Blind spot and rear-view monitoring systems

Advanced cruise control

These features were once found only in luxury vehicles, but they are now finding their way into economy vehicles, and they will eventually make their way to the used car market.

Breakthroughs in Fuel Efficiency

Federal rules have increased fuel efficiency averages to 39 MPG. While there have been fuel-efficient options for years, mileage ratings on economy-class New Car Deals InSpringfield MO have suffered until recently. If a driver puts many miles on a car, they can balance the upfront investment with the long-term fuel economy of an efficient engine.

Advances in Alternative Energy

Though ethanol isn't the juggernaut it used to be, other forms of alternative energy are still commonly used. Electric vehicles can offer an equivalent fuel economy rating in the triple digits, and diesel cars are making a comeback. Some manufacturers even sell natural gas-powered cars, which are popular in areas with low natural gas prices. When energy efficiency is a factor, Buying A New Car In Springfield MO doesn't have to be difficult.

Fewer Needs, Lower Costs

Some people are drawn to a new Car Dealership in Springfield MO by low ad prices, but some ads aren't what they seem. If a driver knows they don't want expensive options, they'll find a lower price differential between new and used vehicles. When someone just needs a car to get back and forth to work, they can custom order a new one from a dealer without all the unnecessary "extras" at a competitive price.

In many situations, used vehicles are a low-cost, high-value option. However, with the benefits listed above, new vehicles can be worth the additional cost. It's up to the buyer to weigh his or her needs against the benefits and costs of buying new vs. buying used cars.

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