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If your organization is looking for a great way to create fundraising opportunities, now is the time to team up with Founders of Wreaths Across America. They have various options to choose from to make the fundraising experience a positive one. Choosing wreaths, garlands or greenery for the next holiday season, planning or ordering now will eliminate the extra work at the end of the year. Balsam pine offers a beautiful fragrance and warms a room or front door with the beauty of nature. There are many different handmade wreaths to choose from and there are bulk quantity discounts available for customers.

Founders of Wreaths Across America provide handmade items from Maine. They began their popularity in the early 1990's by supplying Arlington National Cemetery with excess wreaths that were placed in the older section of the cemetery. By 2005 their wreaths were publicized on the internet and the project became an overnight success with thousands of people wanting to help decorate the graves of thousands of POW's, soldiers and others that served the country. With the help of civic organizations and the Civil Air Patrol, they now provide wreaths to over 150 locations across the country. There's an annual Veterans Honor Parade that travels the east coast every year to place wreaths on the grave markers in Arlington.

Fundraising through such a great organization only adds to the uniqueness of the company. Any organization can sign up to receive a promotional ID. They will supply flyers for the organization to hand out. Anyone that's interested can place their order online. All they need to do is enter the ID code for the organization to receive their donation. The donation is 25% of the order and will be processed the same as any other orders the company receives. In addition to wreaths, a buyer can purchase other Balsam products that the company sells. Checks will be mailed to the fundraising organization every two weeks.

The most popular items that are sold are christmas wreaths. Nothing looks or smells like Christmas than a beautiful handmade wreath in a home, on a front door, or in an office. Balsam Centerpieces can also offer flair to a holiday table. These can include a variety of items such as candles, an advent candle design, a birch box and so much more. Balsam tabletop trees can add the beauty, charm, and elegance that a fabric or plastic tree cannot. A buyer never has to worry about damage to the trees, because the 4,000-acre forest is carefully manicured to protect the trees. If you're interested in purchasing beautiful balsam decor or fundraising for your organization, please visit christmas wreath.

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