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Purchasing a new pair of skis is always an investment. It is also an opportunity to try something different. People can take advantage of needing replacement skis by selecting an alternative brand to the last pair, learning about other styles of skiing, and researching innovations since the last purchase. Cross-country skiers, for example, may want to experience downhill skiing. Resort skiers may be tempted to break out into big mountain skiing. It may also be the perfect opportunity to discover the world of freestyle skiing. When trying something new, it may be wise to find demo or used skis until you are sure the switch will be permanent.

Advanced materials used to make skis over the past decade have resulted in skis that are more durable than ever. That means purchasing a pair of used Black Crows Atris will still provide the same speed and performance one would get from a new pair of Black Crows Atris for sale. The pricing is lower, but the quality remains high. Many independent manufacturers, such as black crows outerwear, have created modern shapes and designs that stand out amongst traditional skis. Skiers who have had their own pair for the last decade, have much to discover about new skis.

The Black Crows Atris is a perfect example of newly designed skis taking hold in the market. The first model by this French manufacturer founded by professional free-skiers, was designed specifically for freestyle skiing. It is known as the Corvus and has a larger wingspan for taking turns at high speeds. The Atris is a big mountain style ski that has a few twists on traditional designs. It has a wood core and is a classic camber ski, with a few changes. A double rocker is balanced by a stiff tail for better maneuverability. It is an award-winning design that was not available ten years ago.

Other designs not available ten years ago include the DPS Fountain, which is designed to be a more powerful resort ski. Researching newer manufacturers online may help those in the need of a new pair of skis to decide which brand to invest in next. Speaking to experienced staff at professional ski shops will also be a way to learn about new materials, creative designs, and how they impact the performance of recent model skis. Online reviews, skiing magazines, and fellow skiers may also be able to provide information. Instead of just purchasing an updated version of the same ski or brand, take the time to see what else is available.

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